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Graf-Pak | folding cartons manufacturers
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packaging is an art and packaging specialists are craftsmen...

what makes us different?

  • Our fundamental goal is to achieve market recognition in excellence, reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Our devotion to service and our attention to fine detail is what sets us apart from our competitors.
  • We have a clear market focus; our niche is packaging.
how do we work?

how do we work?

We believe that packaging is an art and packaging specialists are craftsmen. They have imagination and are not afraid to explore this imagination and put it at the clients’ disposal. At Graf-Pak, we value the personalized client contact and service. We focus on providing value through quality, service and competitive pricing. how do we work?

where are we located?

Our facilities are located at:
163 Avenue Labrosse Pointe-Claire, (Quebec) Canada H9R 1A3
Tel. : 514 426 8664
Fax : 514 426 1143
Toll Free : 1 855 772 3725
how do we work?